Feb 3, 2007

Get Smart Delayed

Bad news! The Get Smart movie, starring Steve Carrell, has been delayed until 2008! June 20, 2008, to be precise. The date actually indicates a strong belief in the movie (or its rapidly rising star) on the part of Warner Brothers, positioning in the heat of the summer blockbuster season. (I believe it was formerly scheduled for either late summer or fall of this year.) That means it will compete against Batman: The Dark Knight, Iron Man and others in next summer's crowded line-up, and join 007 as a spy to look forward to in '08. (But it was one of the ones I was most looking forward to in '07!) It also means that fans who haven't seen the original TV show will have more time to catch up, since it becomes widely available on DVD in fall of this year. (It's currently just a TimeLife exclusive.) Get Smart (the movie) also stars Anne Hathaway, The Rock and Terrence Stamp.

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