Aug 31, 2009

Ipcress File Blu-Ray Review At DVD Trash

I've been meaning to post this for a while. DVD Trash has one of the only reviews I've seen for last year's UK Blu-Ray release of The Ipcress File. Reviewer Nick Frame says that the picture on this high-def transfer is "probably as good as The Ipcress File will ever look" and that "the colours are strong and vibrant with high levels of detail not previously seen." So far there is no imminent U.S. Blu-Ray release for The Ipcress File (or even an in-print DVD at the moment), so it should come as a relief to American Harry Palmer fans that the ITV Blu-Ray is region-free. It's also pretty much special feature-free, so Nick seems to indicate that you need both the loaded Network special edition DVD for extras, and the ITV Blu-Ray for picture. Not bad. Read the whole review here.

And speaking of Harry Palmer, if you're a devotee of either Len Deighton's nameless agent of the novels or Michael Caine's bespectacled film incarnation, you're doubtless already following Armstrong Sabian's truly exhaustive coverage of every possible facet of the character at COBRAS site Mister 8. But if you're not, be sure to check it out! The latest post examines ads that ran in the New York Times for The Ipcress File upon its initial release. (I told you the coverage was exhaustive!)

Read my review of the third Harry Palmer film, Billion Dollar Brain, here.

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