Jun 12, 2010

Crazy Brazilian "Live and Let Die" Cover With Toy Instruments

Crazy Brazilian "Live And Let Die" Cover With Toy Instruments

I heard a story today on Public Radio's The World about a popular Brazilian band called Pato Fu who have recorded a very unusual - and very cool - cover of Paul McCartney and Wings' 1973 James Bond theme song "Live and Let Die." The cover involves vocal contributions from children (wailing the title line) and a number of unusual instruments.  The broadcast describes them thusly: "A toy piano, tiny drum kit, a baby-scale electric guitar, a plastic synth-keyboard with two octaves."  And they don't even mention the child's moo noise toy! "It’s part of a music video genre loosely known as VideoSong. The rules for videosongs can be summed up as what you hear is what you get: the sounds must be seen in the video, no lip-syncing allowed." It's probably best just to take a look yourself.  This is really pretty cool!  You can listen to the whole story on The World's website (although I'd recommend watching the video first), as well as read the transcript and download an MP3 of the song.


Unemployed Soap Viewer said...


Fabulous!!!!!!! We love it!!!
Those kids are amazing!

Anonymous said...

That was bloody good :-)

Not a bad sound coming from that drum kit either, considering the size of it!

Armstrong Sabian said...

That was amazing! Thanks for the find, Tanner!

Steve Carroll said...

Wow!! That was SO cool! Thanks!!

David said...

Gasp! Those kids said "Hell"! They seemed to really enjoy it, too. Maybe not so surprising, since they say "Live And Let Die" like a possessed Linda Blair.

Best part for me was the "cow-in-a-can" effect. Anyway, this beats Guns-N-Roses version.

Tanner said...

Happy to share it! (It's too cool not to pass along!) I'm glad you guys all enjoyed it.

I agree that the cow-in-a-can was awesome, David, but I think the demonic child chorus is my favorite part...