Oct 5, 2010

Tradecraft: McG Directing Spy Rom-Com

I could have sworn I'd already posted about this movie, but I can't find such a post at the moment, so maybe not.  Anyway, Deadline reports that McG is directing a romantic comedy about two CIA agents (Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) "who wage an escalating war" for the affections of the same woman, played by Reese Witherspoon.  The movie is called This Means War.  Today's news is that late night talkshow host Chelsea Handler has just joined the cast as Witherspoon's best friend.  I assume they meant sassy best friend, because that's how female best friends always are in romcoms.  Personally, I find Handler unpleasant and annoying, but I like McG (Chuck) and I like Simon Kinberg (writer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith), who is producing.  I also like Pine and Hardy; I'm fairly indifferent about Witherspoon. I'm very curious to see if this team manages to pull off the spy romantic comedy, a tough nut to crack that has produced more misses at the box office lately (Killers, Knight & Day) than hits.

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