Mar 29, 2011

Archer Renewed For Another Season

Hooray! It was expected, but it's still nice to see this confirmed: Deadline reports that FX has renewed the awesome, hilarious and undeniably offensive animated spy comedy Archer for another season.  According to the trade blog, "The animated comedy has received a 16-episode order, with three episodes slated to run behind It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in the fall and the rest airing in early 2012." As I've mentioned before, I love Archer. The bar was set high in the first season, and so far it's been faithfully maintained in the second.  I'll gladly welcome these sixteen more next year!  The producers have pulled off a pretty amazing feat on this series.  Sterling Archer (who creator Adam Reed once described as James Bond with none of the good qualities) is probably the biggest jerk and all-around most despicable character on television (even moreso than Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm persona), yet you still root for him. That's impressive.

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