Feb 24, 2013

Upcoming Spy DVDs: Where the Spies Are?

Warner Archive recently started Beta testing an online streaming service and Roku channel called Warner Archive Instant. The Beta version doesn't have nearly all the titles that have been made available on MOD discs from the Warner Archive Collection over the years, but, interestingly, it does contain a few that haven't.  One of those is the 1965 David Niven Eurospy movie Where the Spies Are. Presumably, its inclusion here is indicative of a forthcoming disc release through WAC's standard MOD program. Directed by Val Guest (Assignment K, Casino Royale), Where the Spies Are stars Niven as Dr. Jason Love, hero of ten books by James Leasor. The supporting cast will also be familiar to spy fans. It includes Francoise Dorleac (Billion Dollar Brain), John Le Mesurier (Hot Enough For June), Noel Harrison (The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) and Eric Pohlmann (the original voice of Blofeld). Personally, I've found that the film streams fine online, but won't play on my Roku. I'll chalk that up to the glitches of Beta testing, and hold out for the eventual DVD.


michael said...

The site is currently invite only. I have tried (oh, how I have tried) to join but you need a special code to get in.

Another one of note not available anywhere is "Jericho" a WWII spy TV series from 1966 that Richard Levinson and William Link (Columbo) wrote.

Simes said...

"Where the Spies Are"!!!!!

Cor, now THAT'S one I haven't seen for many years....it used to get a few outings on British TV on Sunday afternoons, as I recall.

I'll snap *that* one if it comes out on a MOD reissue!