Jul 12, 2013

Bond 24 Officially Announced for 2015; Mendes Confirmed to Direct

Yesterday, EON Productions, MGM and Sony jointly announced the official release date and primary creative team for the next James Bond movie, the 24th in the official series. Bond 24 (utilizing the usual working title nomenclature for these films) will open in the United Kingdom on October 23, 2015, and in the USA on November 6. Once again, 007's homeland gets a significant advantage (two whole, unbearable weeks!) on America. As previously speculated, Skyfall director Sam Mendes will return to direct the next Bond adventure, becoming the first director to helm two in a row since John Glen departed the series following Licence to Kill in 1989. (We've known for a while that John Logan, who co-wrote Skyfall, is penning the script, and Daniel Craig will once again star.) Bringing Mendes back meant that EON and the studios had to work around his busy theatrical schedule. The result amounts to another longer than average break between Bond films: three years instead of the standard two. At least that's not as bad as the interminable four years separating Skyfall from Quantum of Solace, but it's still pretty vexing! And at this rate, Craig will be as old as Roger Moore got in the role by the time he's done! Oh well. I loved Skyfall, and I fully expect Mendes to once again deliver the goods. Here's hoping he recruits cinematographer Roger Deakins to retun as well! Deakins shot what may well have been the most beautiful looking Bond film ever in Skyfall, and I'd love to see what he does next with 007's world!


Bob said...

I agree with you on signing Deakins for the next film. Yesterday, a film I hadn't seen in awhile, I watched True Grit on Bluray. Deakin's work was just outstanding. The scene with Mattie Ross's father lying dead outside of the saloon was worth an Academy Award by itself.
His cinematography added so much to the success of Skyfall and of course I'm looking forward to the next Bond.

teeritz said...

This is great news! Although having to wait until late 2015 is irksome. Ah well, life goes on.
And I too hope that Roger Deakins is back for this next film.
Would be interesting if they film 24 and 25 back-to-back, with a vast, epic story arc.
I'm allowed to dream, aren't I?

Bob said...


TCM is showing Our Man in Marrakesh on Wednesday (17th)at 9:00pm central. A comedy spy film starring Tony Randall and the lovely Senta Berger.

Elliot James said...

Our Man in Marrakesh/Bang! Bang! You're Dead!--I was going to email you about this unusual broadcast on TCM. First airing on US TV in decades! Lom is awesome.

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