Oct 14, 2013

Hilarious A View To A Kill Video

This first came to my attention a few years ago via a memberon the CBn forums (Trevelyan 006). I meant to post the link then, but somehow never got around to it. Since then I've watched A View To A Kill twice (it's probably the Bond I watch the least often after Quantum of Solace), and every time I see it now I can't help but flash back to this video and laugh. Intrepid video editor m0gdred has made a particularly dated scene from that movie featuring Christopher Walken and Roger Moore quite hilarious. Enjoy.

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Bob said...

Some days, I feel that is me on the computer. A sure sign of old age!

Tanner, I would agree with you on AVTAK. Quantum is certainly the weakest Craig and definitely belongs in the bottom five, but for me Die Another Day is just a killer. No pun intended.