Aug 26, 2014

New Spy Novel Out From Permission To Kill's David Foster

This is exciting! David Foster, proprietor of my fellow COBRAS spy blog Permission To Kill, has gone from spy blogger to spy author, and he's just published a new spy novel! The Danakil Deception (published under Foster's cover name of James Hopwood) is available now from Amazon. It's actually Foster's second story about secret agent Jarvis Love; the character first appeared in the novella The Librio Defection. (Foster's other fiction includes the Fight Card novel King of the Outback and the boxing short story "Bushwhacked.") But The Danakil Deception is a full-length novel. Here's the official description:
When archaeologists at the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia – the hottest place on Earth – discover a ruby measuring six feet in diameter, the world's scientific community is thrown into a spin. But it's not only scientists who are interested in the discovery. In the wrong hands, the ruby could be used to power a terrifying weapon – a weapon that could change the fate of the world. Meet Jarvis Love, the young operative assigned to investigate the find. Thrown into a harsh unforgiving environment, Love finds himself battling a neo-Nazi with a diabolical plot to assassinate the top world leaders in one massive attack... ...the clock is ticking, and only Love can stop the madman. Filled with hair-raising action and wild chases, The Danakil Deception is an edge-of-your-seat adventure that harks back to the great spy novels of the sixties, but infused with the high-octane punch of a modern thriller. The HOTTEST place on Earth just got HOTTER!
Sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it.

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Thanks for the shout out Tanner. Much appreciated.