Apr 1, 2015

The Americans Renewed for Season 4

Happily, we'll be getting more of the best spy series on television! Deadline reports that FX has renewed The Americans for a fourth season with four episodes remaining in the third. And that is fantastic news, because this unbelievably good series just keeps getting better and better and better as it goes along. It started off strong, but has only gotten stronger with each successive season, with each successive episode. The Americans follows Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell), two KGB spies posing as a normal American husband and wife in suburban Washington D.C. as Cold War tensions escalate in the Reagan-era Eighties. It's a brilliant condensation of the East/West spy game boiled down to one very unusual family and the ever-growing spiderweb of people they affect. (It's tough to keep track of how many different women Philip is juggling relationships with—each relationship fraught with impossibly compelling drama. The Americans has yet to be recognized with all the Emmies it deserves, but hopefully this amazing season will change all that. And hopefully the renewals will continue and we'll be able to follow Philip and Elizabeth (and their fascinating wigs) all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Season 3 finale airs on April 22. Welshman Rhys recently appeared on an episode of FX's other great spy show, Archer, where they made a joke about his Americans accent.

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