Apr 23, 2007

Get Smart Gets Sequel Already

Well, kind of. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros.’ new direct-to-DVD unit, Warner Premiere, will release a spin-off feature called Get Smarter: Bruce and Lloyd Out of CONTROL on DVD to coincide with the theatrical release of the Steve Carell-starring Get Smart movie. They’re quick to point out that, contrary to my misleading headline, “Smarter is not a sequel but is being positioned as parallel content to the feature film, and will be released domestically 10 days after Smart.” The spin-off (or “parallel content,” or whatever you want to call it) stars Heroes’ Masi Oka and Studio 60’s Nate Torrence as Bruce and Lloyd, the techie/analyst characters they play in the Carell movie. Most interesting, “the story will at times cross over with the feature film and the direct-to-DVD movie might even repurpose scenes from the feature.” Good idea! Shooting will take place this summer as Get Smart wraps, from a script by Smart scribes Tom Astle and Matt Ember.

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