Mar 26, 2009

Costumed Adventurer Week Lives On!

It began here a few weeks ago as one themed week that ended up running a bit longer than a week... but one week wasn't enough to contain the awesome might of Sixties spies who wear tights! The C.O.B.R.A.S. continue to perpetuate Costumed Adventurer Week. (Er, month?) After Jason's in-depth examination of the costume side of the equation at Spy Vibe last week, David Foster over at Permission To Kill is looking at some of the Sixties movies I didn't cover originally--and, true to the international mandate of his site, he's casting his net further afield than just Europe! Today he's got an intriguing look at the wild world of Batwoman, a Mexican mini-masterpiece of copyright infringement and costumed wrestlers. Okay, judging from David's review maybe "masterpiece" isn't the right word, but in keeping with the theme I wanted some good Stan Lee alliteration. I've always been curious about Batwoman, and I'm thankful to David for educating me further on it. Go on over and take a look. Earlier in the week, David did a round up of some of his older posts about masked supercriminals, as well as looking at the classic "Japoteurs" Superman cartoon from Max Fleischer and another member of the Diabolik/Kriminal school of Eurospy, Avenger X (aka Mister X).

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