Mar 26, 2009

Kaleidoscope Also Coming To Region 2 DVD In April

Earlier this week, it was announced that the 1966 mod spy classic Kaleidoscope would be made available on DVD in the United States on a made-to-order basis as part of Warner Brothers' new Warner Archive Collection. Now DVD Sleuth reports that it will also see release in Great Britain–as a "real" DVD. The Region 2 release comes courtesy of Digital Classics DVD. In addition to being real, the British DVD also has a way snazzier cover. It's unclear so far whether or not it's widescreen, though. The US release is, as you can see in the clip (featuring a lovely red Aston Martin) provided by Warner Bros. The Region 2 Kaleidoscope comes out on April 20, and is available to pre-order from for the discounted price of £8.98.


David said...

Great news. I have often been tempted to get it from Germany - where it had been released as Der Gentleman Zinker.

But it now appears to be out of print, and very expensive.

The Warners Archive - on demand service - doesn't export outside the US. So it is good that there is at least an alternative for those of us who live outside the US to get hold of this fantastic movie.


Delmo said...

How the hell does Susannah York have 1st billing on that poster?

I'm thinking I may get this version instead of the on demand version.