May 12, 2009

New Spy Comics From Titan: Bond And Blaise

Today sees the release of Titan's latest volume of Modesty Blaise comic strip reprints, The Lady Killers. The graphic novel collection features three adventures of the unfazeable female adventurer: "The Lady Killers," "Dossier On Pluto" and "Garvin's Travels." As with every volume in this remarkable series, author Peter O'Donnell provides insightful introductions to each story. While the last volume, Green Cobra, featured some of his artwork, The Lady Killers is the first volume in Titan's series to entirely showcase the work of new Modesty artist Neville Colvin. Next up for Modesty are two more Colvin-era volumes: The Scarlet Maiden in August and Death In Slow Motion in October.

Titan have also revealed what is presumably the final cover artwork for their next volume of James Bond newspaper strip reprints, The Girl Machine by Jim Lawrence and Yaroslav Horak. This volume (which is due in July) fills in some crucial gaps in Bond's comic history by reprinting three Seventies stories that Titan skipped over in their otherwise chronological publication schedule: "The Girl Machine," "The Nevsky Nude" and "Beware of Butterflies." Next up for 007 from Titan is The James Bond Omnibus Volume 1: The Graphic Novel Collection, a 300+ page bumper edition due out in September collecting the first eleven Fleming stories in chronological order. (That goes up through the abruptly-truncated "Thunderball" strip.) has all the details. It's unclear what the format will be, but I'm a fan of Marvel's Essential line and Dark Horse's Omnibuses, so I'm looking forward to this mammoth collection even if I already have all of the material already! (In some cases, in several previous editions.)

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