Jun 30, 2009

From Paris With Love Trailer

Hm, apparently this has been available on the web since last December, but I'd somehow missed it. Slashfilm has a leaked version of a short promotional trailer for EuropaCorp's next neo-Eurospy film, From Paris With Love. (The one with that awesome teaser poster debuted last week.) Be warned of two things: one, this isn't high picture quality, and it's not even a real trailer, and two, it will probably make you less excited for the film rather than more. It did me, anyway. John Travolta, sporting another absolutely ridiculous hair (none at all) and facial hair (biker-style Van Dyke) arrangement, predictably chews up scenery with vigor as he is wont to do these days. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers also sports an odd piece of facial hair, but at least looks more restrained in his less flashy role. So it's probably best to focus on the poster instead, and on the fact that this is director Pierre Morell's highly-anticipated follow-up to the runaway hit Taken. From Paris With Love doesn't open in the United States until early 2010.

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