May 31, 2011

Upcoming Los Angeles Spy Screenings
Including George Lazenby in Person!

Father's Day Weekend is a James Bond weekend in Los Angeles! The American Cinematheque will screen four Bond films between its two theaters. On Friday, June 17, they'll show On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever (didn't they just show that one?) at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Best of all, 007 himself George Lazenby will appear in person for a Q&A between the films moderated by Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia author Steven Jay Rubin! If you didn't catch Laz in person at the Aero last year, make every effort to do so this time! As totally candid as only an Australian can be, he was a wildly entertaining (and thoroughly uncensored) storyteller. The Q&A alone should make the night worthwhile, but on top of that you've also got the opportunity to see the best James Bond movie ever in one of the best theaters in the country. (The Egyptian is tied for me, personally, with the Music Box in Chicago. But of course there are plenty I've never been to.) Tickets are supposedly available through Fandango here, but I'm never able to make that work for Cinematheque screenings. It will probably say that they aren't available for that showtime, but as far as I know these shows are not yet sold out. So your best bet, if you live in the area, is swinging by the box office sometime to pick up your tickets in advance.

On Father's Day itself, Sunday, June 19, you can catch the first two Bond films back-to-back at the Aero in Santa Monica. Dr. No starts at 7:30 followed by From Russia With Love. Once again, tickets are supposedly available through Fandango, but once again it's unlikely to work. Hit up the theater box office sometime before the show date.

All of these showings are listed as being 35mm presentations, which, to me, is a great thing. Last time the Egyptian showed Bonds, a bunch of them were DCPs.  They were absolutely stunning digital prints, I'll admit, but personally, I'll take a scratchy film print over pristine digital any day.  That's just the feel I want if I'm seeing a movie in a theater.  That said, hopefully these prints won't be scratchy!  My favorite viewing experience ever of OHMSS was a dye-transfer Technicolor print they showed at the Egyptian some years ago. I've seen nice prints on the big screen since then, but never another as good as that. I always hope that's the one they'll get...


BISH said...

See you there Friday night for OHMSS?

Tanner said...

Definitely! It'll be fun.