Oct 4, 2011

Tradecraft: Red Station Gets Adaptation

Tradecraft: Red Station Gets Adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production/management company Benderspink has optioned the film rights for Adrian Magson's spy thriller Red Station. The trade reports that "the story centers on an MI5 agent named Harry Tate who takes the fall for a drug bust gone bad. As punishment, he is sent to Red Station, an outpost in Georgia that is the home of washed up operatives. After two other agents go missing, Tate finds himself embroiled in a plot involving a Russian invasion of England and corruption and conspiracy at the highest level of the British government." Sounds cool! Sort of like The Prisoner meets Salt? Hard to tell from a brief synopsis. Obviously I'm not personally familiar with Magson's books (Red Station is the first in a planned series), but David Foster, who alerted me to this story, has covered them plenty at Permission to Kill. You can read his review of Red Station here, and a round table interview including Magson here.


David said...

Thanks for the generous linkage Matt.

Magson's second book in the Harry Tait series, 'Tracers' was release in February, and the next 'Deception' is due out in November.

Adrian M said...

Thank you, Matt and David, for the mentions and further information links. It's very kind of you both. If 'Red Station' does make it to film, it'll have been helped along by all the lovely things you and others have said about it.