Oct 27, 2011

Two New Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Posters

No sign yet of that new trailer we were promised yesterday (a short teaser for the trailer appeared at the end of that Burj Khalifa BTS video), but two new posters for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol have popped up on the Imp Awards. Neither provides the Tom Cruise profile shot that is traditional on Mission: Impossible movie posters, but both are definite improvements over that incredibly lame teaser poster. The IMAX poster is dynamic and exciting and conveys what people expect of this franchise (in its film incarnation), and the actual 1-sheet, featuring Cruise with franchise newcomers Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton and M:I-III veteran Simon Pegg is cool because it's the first M:I film poster that's ever conveyed a team aspect like the great TV series instead of a James Bond-style single superspy alone against the world. I'm hoping the film itself proves true to this concept. (But where on the poster is Josh Holloway, who appears to have a rather large role based on the teaser trailer?) On the downside, TC is still wearing that stupid hoodie. Oh well. Maybe it's supposed to make him look like a ghost? Also, I still find it odd that this campaign is focusing on the uninspired "Ghost Protocol" subtitle instead of the recognizable "Mission: Impossible" brand, which is relegated to a smaller font.

Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (M:I-4) opens wide in the U.S. on December 21 following a limited preview run on IMAX screens beginning December 16.

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movieman said...

I have been waiting for this film and time comes....The movie poster looks amazing, a few days ago ı got the chance to see the trailer, it was amazing.....definitely worth watching