Jan 20, 2013

James Bond Parody Video Featuring an Aston Martin

One of the moments that gets the biggest crowd reaction in Skyfall is the look on Daniel Craig's face when something bad happens to his beloved Aston Martin DB5. It's a great look. But some people take issue with 007 showing more visible reaction to what happens to his car than he does to the fate that befalls a woman he beds earlier in the film. It's certainly a moment ripe for parody. And my friends Brad Hansen and Athena Stamos (huge Bond fans both) at Crave Online have seized that moment and produced an excellent parody video, "The Spy Who Loved His Car!" But it's a parody with serious production values. Not only do they have some pretty cool effects (I love the moment Bond drives through the invisible wall in the parking garage), but they have an actual vintage Aston Martin! (It's a DB6 and not a DB5, but it's still the right color and it's still beautiful and it's still an Aston Martin... so that works just fine.) This is awesome. Check it out:

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teeritz said...

Dear God, the production values! Great cinematography, pretty funny.