Jan 31, 2013

New Jeremy Duns Spy Book Due This Summer

On his blog The Debrief yesterday, spy author extraordinaire Jeremy Duns debuted the cover art for his new book, Dead Drop, due out in June in the UK. The twist this time (one which regular readers of his blog have known for a while) is that unlike his previous Paul Dark historical espionage books, this one is non-fiction. Dead Drop: The True Story of Oleg Penkovsky and the Cold War's Most Dangerous Operation is, in Duns' words, "an investigation into one of the most remarkable espionage operations of the Cold War: the running of Colonel Oleg Penkovsky by MI6 and the CIA in the early Sixties, including during the Cuban Missile Crisis." Dead Drop will be available from Simon & Schuster in the UK this June; there's apparently no U.S. release date set as of yet.

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