Mar 6, 2013

Tradecraft: Cinemax's Hunted to Return in Movie Form?

After the BBC cancelled the Melissa George spy series Hunted, a co-production with U.S. cable channel Cinemax, Cinemax announced that they were working with creator Frank Spotnitz to find a way to continue the show in a slightly different format. (Continuing it in its existing incarnation was impossible without the BBC's involvement.) All that was clear was that George's Sam Hunter character would return. Last November, a Cinemax representative told Deadline, "We are making plans with creator and executive producer Frank Spotnitz and star Melissa George to present a new chapter in the Sam Hunter mythology." At the time, I interpreted that to mean another season, completely overhauled and possibly with a new title. But apparently the format change is more radical than that. In a story about George being cast on ABC's new series Gothica, Deadline reports that "While the series ended when BBC opted not to renew it, Cinemax and Sportnitz have been plotting two-hour movies centered on George’s character, which has developed strong fan following." Presumably these movies will incorporate some of the ideas Spotnitz was reportedly already developing for Season 2.


Simes said...

Can't say I've noticed any particular strong fan following here in the UK.

I wonder how much of this is hubris - I'm still sceptical about this series continuing in any form.

Melissa is quite good in the role (she's gorgeous anyway IMO) but honestly, it really wasn't very good.

Stop the cliched writing and plotting and maybe they can do something with it, but I wouldn't make any bets.

Tanner said...

Every time I write about this show, I wish I could participate in the inevitable debate, but frustratingly, I'm afraid I still cannot, as it isn't on DVD in America yet and I don't feel like paying a lot for an import when it's an unknown quantity.

The polarization really makes me excited to see it, though, whenever that ends up being! It's odd that it seems to fall down such clearly marked lines, both among viewers and critics (and readers here), in that it was generally popular and well-received in the US, but generally less popular and poorly received in the UK.

Unknown said...

Yes! I don't care how Hunted returns, as long as it returns! I love the series! It's so engaging!

Carolyn Hamilton said...

I have been waiting for ever for "Hunted" to return. And, yes I am USA.
I love this show, and have been wanting a new repeat series. A movie - okay, but why not a series?
I love it !!!

Tanner said...

Well, Carolyn, the latest plan is for a miniseries, so you're in luck! In August Cinemax announced that the Hunted follow-up had morphed from a movie into a 4-part miniseries that will be called Sam Hunter. Ideally that will become a series of miniseries. I can't wait to see more either!