Jul 14, 2015

Tom Cruise's Latest Death-Defying Mission: Impossible Stunt

It's possible Tom Cruise might be totally nuts, but he harnesses that for our entertainment, which is really pretty awesome. He's a consummate showman, as proven in this utterly insane stunt. We saw some news footage of it when they shot this last fall, but in this new featurette you can see the actual dailies from a locked down camera on the actor (not a stuntman) as he clings to the side of an airplane as it takes off. It's just incredible. (A long way from Roger Moore's green-screened airplane clinging in Octopussy!) I'm sure the finished scene will be fantastic with wide shots and close-ups edited together and Joe Kraemer's version of Lalo Schifrin's Mission: Impossible Theme blasting out of ATMOS speakers... but all that may not be quite as impressive as this simple locked-down camera on Cruise--even without his harness digitally removed. It's stunning. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation opens July 31.

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Elliot James said...

It was a fun movie with great stunts that made little sense overall. Rehashing elements of the first MI (Ethan on the run) and throwing in some Bourne style CIA control room yak. I liked Paula Patton's femme lead from 4 better than Rebecca Ferguson.

Did he need to hold his breath? Why not use a miniature non-metallic air tank? The movie is loaded with sci-fi gadgets anyway.

Does every spy flick villain have to speak in a whispery, weird voice and be an over the top creep? Sean Harris made Javier Bardem in Skyfall sound like John Wayne in comparison. Why can't a master bad man be a cool guy Jon Hamm type or a funny guy like Demian Bichir in Machete Kills?