May 20, 2008

Bond Meets Drummond

Well, not really. It's not even a spy show. But Deadlier Than the Male's Bulldog Drummond, Richard Johnson, shares the DVD cover of Anglo Saxon Attitudes with the current 007, Daniel Craig. Whether they actually share any screentime or not I don't know; despite his prominent picture placement, Craig's part must be pretty small. The 1992 miniseries from the beginning of his career doesn't even appear in his IMDB credits! Anglo Saxon Attitudes was adapted from a satirical novel by Angus Wilson by master of the adaptation Andrew Davies. According to the box copy, the tale of an aging historian (Johnson) reflecting on his life "skewers British social and academic hypocrisy to the very core." Tara Fitzgerald and Kate Winslet (also an unknown at the time) co-star. According to TVShowsOnDVD, Acorn Media will release Anglo Saxon Attitudes on DVD July 1. Craig and Johnson also appeared together in 2001's dismal Laura Croft: Tomb Raider.

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