May 13, 2008

New Spy DVDs Out This Week

Only one major spy release this week, but it's a big one! Leonard Nimoy takes over for the departed Martin Landau in Mission: Impossible: The Complete Fourth TV Season, out today from CBS/Para-mount Home Video. The 1969-70 season introduces Nimoy as the enigmatic magician-cum-operative Paris, replacing Landau's Rollin Hand as the team's resident master of disguise. Landau's wife at the time, Barbara Bain, also left the series prior to the fourth season, but there was no immediate, permanent replacement for her character, model and perpetual honey-trap Cinnamon Carter. Lee Meriwether filled in most often. The rest of the team (Peter Graves as leader Jim Phelps, Greg Morris as electronics wiz Barney and Peter Lupus as strongman Willie) remains intact. Season 4 includes the fan-favorite episode "Submarine," among others.

Also worth mentioning is that Best Buy has all three sets of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (including the spy-heavy Vol. 2) on sale for just $49.99 this week, in anticipation of the new theatrical Indy movie. That's a pretty good deal on a fantastic series since the sets are usually so prohibitively overpriced!

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