May 6, 2008

New James Bond Comic Book Image!

The stellar Young Bond Dossier has once again scored an exclusive first look at some fantastic new James Bond cover art. This time, it's Kev Walker's stunning cover image for his and Charlie Higson's upcoming graphic novel adaptation of Higson's first Young Bond book, Silverfin. Clocking in at 160 pages, this one will be just a bit longer than the first Alex Rider comic adaptation, Stormbreaker. This oft-delayed project (finally slated for October) is one I've been following closely. I'm a huge fan of James Bond in comics, and I've been very disappointed that the character hasn't appeared in that medium since Topps' unfinished Goldeneye adaptation in '95. Why not? That's a long time! And James Bond just makes sense as a comic book character! So I'm very happy that Silverfin marks his return to that medium, albeit in a slightly younger incarnation. If it's successful, I hope that encourages Ian Fleming Publications to license out the adult version of 007 to some lucky publisher... hopefully Dark Horse, who, in my opinion, did the best job with Her Majesty's top agent in the graphic medium.

Anyway, Walker (responsible for the cool cover illustrations on the American editions of the last two Young Bond novels) has crafted a striking image to adorn his comic adaptation. I love the Mignola-esque eel behind Bond! Head on over to the Young Bond Dossier and check it out.

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