Mar 11, 2010

Tradecraft: International Intrigue

I'm not totally sure if this will actually turn out to be a spy movie or not, but it sounds like it has the potential to be a great, fun, international thriller of the sort they haven't really made since Hitchcock's day.  And the trade story promises "international intrigue," so for now I'll deem it worth mentioning here.  Variety reports that Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland, the State of Play movie) will direct a murder mystery called Murder Mystery.

According to the trade, the script by Zodiac's James Vanderbilt (who's writing the new Spider-man movie) "revolves around an American couple honeymooning in Europe who are implicated when they witness a murder and wind up embroiled in international intrigue."  One of the film's producers describes it as "pure entertainment. It's exciting, suspenseful and romantic." Murder Mystery will be shot on location across Europe. 

From that description, the film sounds to me like it could have a Charadevibe, which would certainly be a good thing.  It also reminds me of those giallos that border on espionage, like Assassination in Rome.  It definitely sounds cool!  I'll be keeping my eye out for this one.

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