Mar 15, 2010

Upcoming Spy DVDs: Burn Notice: Season 3

TV Shows On DVD reports that Burn Notice: Season 3 will be available on DVD from Fox Home Video on June 1–just in time for the summer debut of the fourth season!  The website gets its information from a trade ad which makes no mention of a Blu-ray release. TV Shows On DVD speculates that that might be due to the negative reaction in the fan and critical communities to the Blu-ray transfer of Season 2.  Since the show is shot on 16mm, it doesn't really benefit from a high-definitition transfer, and therefore we may not see Season 3 on Blu.  Personally, I haven't seen the Blu-ray of Season 2, but judging by the user reviews on Amazon that might not be a bad thing!  According to the website, the trade ad hints at at least one bonus feature, but if previous season releases are anything to go by there are likely to be more.

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Delmo said...

16 millimeter? Who the hell shoots in 16mm in the 21st century?