Oct 30, 2016

Tradecraft: Catherine Keener Joins Sicario Sequel Soldado

Sicario proved to be one of the best spy movies in 2015, a year chock-full of genre entries. Earlier this year it was revealed that that film would spawn not only a sequel, Soldado, but potentially a trilogy or series. Now there's some more casting news on the next film. We already knew that Benecio del Toro's enigmatic assassin and Josh Brolin's unscrupulous CIA agent would be returning (though not Emily Blunt's FBI agent, despite being the main protagonist of the first movie). Now, Deadline reports that Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich) has joined the cast. Keener will play Brolin's CIA boss. The trade also reveals a bit about the plot of Soldado. While the first film dealt with drugs being smuggled into the U.S. through tunnels from Mexico, the second will deal with terrorists infiltrating the country though those same tunnels. Gomorra director Stefano Sollima takes over helming from Denis Villeneuve (who has moved on to the Blade Runner sequel), but Sicario writer Taylor Sheridan returns to pen the sequel.

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