Apr 25, 2017


Last week we saw the weird, but kind of neat, "teaser for the trailer" for Kingsman: The Golden Circle; now we can watch the full trailer. I certainly enjoy that returning director Matthew Vaughn is unabashedly going full Roger Moore Bond here, because it's nice to have something filling that void while the actual Bond movies are doing something different. And who doesn't love a London cab sprouting a gatling gun? But I do wish Vaughn had been a little more creative in his take on Bondian classics. For example, did the car have to transform into a submarine in the exact same way Moore's Lotus does in The Spy Who Loved Me? I just fear that a generation unfamiliar with Seventies Bond might now grow up thinking of that as a Kingsman thing rather than appreciating the allusion. (Personally, that sequence in the trailer reminds me more of a similar one in a James Tont Eurospy movie, but I'm pretty sure that's not the actual reference Vaughn was aiming for.) Such petty gripes aside, though, it all looks pretty cool, and despite not caring for the first Kingsman movie I retain high hopes for the sequel! After all, it's obviously playing right to my interests with mountaintop lairs, submarine cars, physics-defying stunts, gadgets, and impeccably tailored suits.

Taron Edgerton, Mark Strong, Edward Holcroft (now sporting a Bionic Barry arm), and even Colin Firth (with a nod to Nick Fury) all return from the original Kingsman, joined this time by Michael Gambon, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Julianne Moore. In a recent schedule change reported by DeadlineKingsman: The Golden Circle now opens September 22, a week sooner than the previously announced September 29. Doug Liman's Tom Cruise spy movie American Made will open on that date, with Universal executives hoping a week is enough time to get out of the sure to be massive box office orbit of the Kingsman sequel.

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tom j jones said...

Looks ambitious - although didn't really give away a lot. But I can't help noticing that Colin Firth didn't appear in shot with the other actors, except in flashback ...