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Oct 1, 2014

Trailer and Posters: Bryan Mills Returns in Taken 3... or Tak3n

Fox and EuropaCorp have kept a tight lid on plot details of the third Taken movie up until now, but the just-released trailer makes it clear that the franchise is shifting gears.

Liam Neeson still plays former CIA agent Bryan Mills just as tough as ever, but this time nobody gets taken. And he doesn't jet off to any exotic European cities. So is it still a neo-Eurospy movie? Well it's still from Luc Besson's largely European team (which unfortunately includes Olivier Megaton, director of Taken 2, rather than Taken's Pierre Morel), so it's sure to still have his decidedly Euro sensibilities... so if Intrigue in Los Angeles counts as Eurospy, I'd say Taken 3 (or TAK3N, as they seem to be calling it) counts as well. Because the setting this time out is LA. And the inspiration is clearly The Fugitive. Forrest Whitaker plays the Lt. Gerard role, and he and Neeson riff on the famous Ford/Jones "I didn't kill my wife!/I don't care!" conversation. There's even a dripping circular sewer. But originality has never been a prerequisite for a good neo-Eurospy movie, and all in all, this trailer looks pretty damn good! I like the new direction, and it already looks better than the last one. I will, however, be sorry to see the last of Famke Janssen in this series. Taken 3 opens January 9. While the poster slogan certainly carries an air of finality, Neeson wasn't so final in recent interviews, saying that while he didn't want to outstay his welcome, if audiences still want him he'd be open to playing the role again. Before that ever happens, though, we'll get a send-up of the series in the parody Tooken, starring Lee Tergesen (The Americans) and Lauren Stamile (Burn Notice).

Jul 12, 2014

Second Trailer and Poster for The Equalizer

Well, it doesn't look much like the classic Eighties TV series, but the latest trailer for the feature film version of The Equalizer does look pretty good! (I can't say the same for the new poster, however, which isn't nearly as good as the advance one.) Denzel Washington stars as former intelligence operative McCall in this update of the Edward Woodward TV show. In a startling difference from Woodward's McCall, Washington's McCall doesn't use guns. But he's clearly still plenty deadly. The Equalizer opens September 26 in theaters and IMAX.

Jun 12, 2014

New Matador Trailer

El Rey Network has released a new, longer trailer for their upcoming spy series Matador, from writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Alias, Mission: Impossible III) and director Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Machete Kills). I'm excited about this series, about a secret agent whose cover is an international soccer star, but I'm worried that the title may throw off potential audiences. After all, he's a spy and he's a soccer player, so a title pertaining to one of those two professions might make sense. One thing he isn't, as far as I can tell, is a matador. Seems confusing. Gabriel Luna, Nicky Whelan and Alfred Molina star. Matador debuts July 15 on El Rey.

May 25, 2014

Trailer: The Equalizer

The first trailer is out for the big screen remake of The Equalizer. Denzel Washington steps into the role made famous by Edward Woodward on the Eighties TV show, that of Robert McCall, a former intelligence agent who uses his unique skill set to help people with the odds against him. At least that's what the show was about. The movie looks a little different. And while it does have a shot of a car's headlights turning on (albeit a wide shot from afar), the classic Stewart Copeland theme is nowhere to be heard.

May 21, 2014

Trailer: TNT's Transporter TV Series

We've seen other trailers for Transporter: The Series when it originally aired in Europe and Canada (and some of us have even seen the first season of the series itself, if we imported a DVD set from Australia or France), but here's the first official TNT trailer (incorporating their new "Boom!" slogan) since the cable network scooped up the U.S. broadcast rights for the existing first season and upcoming second season. Originally conceived for Cinemax, the European series was full of excessive nudity that will obviously have to be trimmed out for TNT. Other than that, though, the series and network seem like a good fit.

May 20, 2014

First Trailer for the Kurtzman/Orci/Robert Rodriguez Spy Series Matador

Today's bringing a wealth of new spy trailers! Here's our first look at El Rey's upcoming spy series Matador (no relation to the Pierce Brosnan movie of the same name), about a CIA agent whose cover is an international soccer star. (Shades of I Spy!) The show, originally pitched as a "Latino James Bond," comes from the prolific minds of spy veterans Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Alias, Mission: Impossible 3), and the pilot is directed by Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids). Gabriel Luna, Nicky Whelan and Alfred Molina star.

Matthew Vaughn's The Secret Service Gets New Title, Poster, Trailer: Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn's (X-Men: First Class) adaptation of the Mark Millar/Dave Gibbons comic book The Secret Service has undergone a title change—for the better, I think. The Secret Service was always a pretty generic title for a spy movie (or comic, for that matter), but Kingsman, which was the title of the first arc of the comic, has a real ring to it. The new full title is a bit clunkier, but I suppose it's necessary to let readers of the comic know what it is, so movie is officially Kingsman: The Secret Service. And it's got an extremely cool poster, and a very promising trailer! The teen spy movie (a favorite subgenre of mine) stars relative newcomer Taron Egerton as a London street thug recruited into the secret service by his dapper Uncle Jack, a superspy played by Colin Firth (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy). Mark Strong (Body of Lies), Samuel L. Jackson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and... drum roll... Michael Caine (Billion Dollar Brain) co-star. (All-time spy movie vet Caine plays the head of the secret service.) Check out the trailer:


May 13, 2014

First Footage of Pierce Brosnan in November Man

The Solution Entertainment Group, who's handling international sales on the film, has offered us our first look at Pierce Brosnan's return to spying in the eagerly awaited November Man, based on the Bill Granger novel There Are No Spies. Bear in mind that this is a sizzle reel and not a trailer or a teaser, so it highlights action rather than story. Despite the terrible choice of music (I recommend watching on mute; there's no dialogue so you won't miss anything), the action looks pretty great. I can't wait to see a real trailer! That should be pretty soon, because, as previously reported, Relativity releases November Man in the United States on August 27. Olga Kurylenko, Luke Bracey and Will Patton costar. And speaking of music, Marco Beltrami provides the real score, and I look forward to hearing him do spy music!

Thanks to Jack Christian for the alert and MI6-HQ for the video!

Fox and M. Night Shyamalan Offer New Twist on The Prisoner

I had heard about M. Night Shyamalan's new Fox series Wayward Pines, and I knew it was being billed as his homage to (or ripoff of, depending on your point of view) Twin Peaks, but I didn't realize until watching this trailer unveiled today that it would be equally inspired by The Prisoner. Or so it looks. I'm honestly not sure if that makes me want to see it, or especially keen to avoid it. We've already had one bad remake of The Prisoner (though at least that introduced us to Hayley Atwell) and Shyamalan hasn't impressed me since Unbreakable. But for better or worse, here's a look at Shyamalan's tale of a "secret agent" (as everyone keeps calling Matt Dillon's Secret Service agent) who wakes up to find himself sequestered as a prisoner in a mysterious village full of eccentric characters.

May 12, 2014

State of Affairs Trailer

NBC has released a long-form trailer for one of the spy pilots the network recently ordered to series. Here's an extended look at State of Affairs, the Washington-set Katherine Heigl CIA drama. Alfre Woodard, Adam Kaufman, Sheila Vand, Cliff Chamberlain, Tommy Savas and Leslie Odom, Jr. costar, and Joe Carnahan (The Blacklist, The A-Team) directed the pilot. The network is still searching for a showrunner. State of Affairs will air in the Blacklist slot, Mondays at 10pm following The Voice, starting November 17. I think this looks pretty good! Clearly taking some cues from Zero Dark Thirty, I like that this series looks to keep its analysts in Langley (or Washington), while SAD or special forces carry out the missions overseas. And from the looks of things, it does so in a pretty thrilling manner! (I would expect no less of Carnahan.) How far into the season do you think we'll get before Heigl's out in the field herself? I hope the writers resist that urge. We already have Sydney Bristow and Annie Walker.

Apr 22, 2014

Trailer: Pierce Brosnan in The Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan in a wetsuit? Leading a team in scaling a cliff? (Still in that wetsuit, no less!) In a car chase through an exotic European capital? And a Pink Panther reference to boot? I'm so in! Here's the trailer for Brosnan's latest, The Love Punch, starring the former 007 and the always fantastic Emma Thompson as a divorced couple who reunite to pull off a jewel heist when their retirement savings are stolen. The Love Punch opens in the United States on May 23. We'll next see the busy Brosnan a few months later, returning to all-out spy action in November Man (with Olga Kurylenko), on August 27. After that he's got two more high-profile spy roles already in the can; we're still awaiting release dates for Survivor (with Milla Jovovich) and The Coup (with Owen Wilson).

Apr 13, 2014

Trailer: Le Carre's A Most Wanted Man

After two different trailers over the past year that popped up online and were immediately taken down, U.S. distributor Lionsgate finally released an official trailer for Anton Corbijn's John le Carré adaptation A Most Wanted Man. Unsurprisingly, it looks quite good indeed! This trailer doesn't give away as many major plot points as the illicit ones did (I suspect they were created as sizzle reels to attract distributors and not proper trailers), but sadly it also doesn't really show much of Willem Dafoe as Tommy Brue. I still want to know if he's going to play him with a Scottish accent! I suspect that they've made the character German for some reason. Clearly from the trailer, there are things that have been changed from the book. Sadly, A Most Wanted Man will mark one of the final lead performances from the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman, and the actor's untimely death earlier this year is sure to cast a long shadow over the film for audiences. Gunter Bachman is a juicy role, however, and I cannot wait to see how Hoffman plays him. A Most Wanted Man opens in America on July 25.

Filming recently commenced on the next le Carré film adaptation, Our Kind of Traitor.

Jan 27, 2014

Sean Bean in Legends Trailer

Somehow I missed this, but a trailer came out last year for TNT's 2014 Sean Bean spy series Legends, from Homeland and 24 executive producer Howard Gordon. We've been following this for quite a while (since it was first developed for NBC in 2010, and then when it got a new lease on life at TNT in 2012, when Brenden Fraser was first set to star, then dropped out opening the way for the infinitely preferable ex-Bond baddie Bean), and it will finally reach our TV screens this summer. This trailer looks quite promising (as expected), though I'm disappointed to read in the network's official description of the show that Bean's deep-cover agent Martin Odum has been changed from a former CIA agent in Robert Littell's novel to an FBI agent on the show. I guess they wanted to keep costs down by sticking to domestic flashback locations? Oh well; it still looks cool!

Thanks to Ava for calling my attention to this!

Jan 3, 2014

International Trailer for Le Carre's Most Wanted Man

Dark Horizons has posted an international trailer for Anton Corbijn's eagerly anticipated John le Carré adaptation A Most Wanted Man. Unsurprisingly, it looks great! And while there are some obvious changes to certain characters' ages and nationalities, it still looks pretty faithful to the excellent source material. While it doesn't seem to divulge as much as the Cannes reel that leaked briefly online last summer, this trailer still seems to reveal a little too much... but luckily that will probably only be noticeable to readers of the novel. Lionsgate will release the contemporary Hamburg-set espionage thriller in America sometime this year, but we still don't know when. (It's set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival this month.) It's certainly among the 2014 releases I'm most looking forward to! Directed by Corbijn (The American), A Most Wanted Man stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Robin Wright and two of my favorite contemporary German actors, Nina Hoss (Barbara) and presumptive Oscar contender (for Rush) Daniel Brühl (The Fifth Estate).

NOTE: The original version I embedded was taken down, so here's a new one from Rope of Silicon, thanks to Bob's keen tradecraft!

Dec 21, 2013

Bethlehem Trailer

American distributor Adopt Films have released an English language trailer (via Deadline) for Bethlehem, a stunning le Carré-esque spy movie set against the present day Israeli-Palestinian conflict that examines the psychological toll of espionage on its practitioners. Bethlehem, which already bagged six Ophir Awards (the Istraeli Academy Awards), was Israel's official submission for the Best Foreign Language Oscar, but shockingly didn't make the final cut. Directed by first-time helmer Yuval Adler and co-written by the Israeli Adler and Palestinian journalist Ali Wakad, Bethlehem tells a very Cold War type of spy story set in the titular city, about an agent of Israel's Shin Bet and his Palestinian asset torn between two masters and two worlds, the teenage brother of a wanted terrorist with ties to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and Hamas. And it's a truly fantastic movie, one of the best serious spy films in years. I saw a festival screening earlier this year, and in a Q&A afterwards the director cited le Carré as an inspiration - and when I say the influence was obvious, regular readers will know that I mean that as high praise indeed! U.S. spy fans should definitely check this one out when it's released in limited markets on February 21, 2014.

Another Teaser For AMC's Turn

AMC has released the another teaser trailer for their Revolutionary War-era spy series Turn. This one reveals more of the show's espionage aspects. Turn is based on the book Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring by Alexander Rose. With a pilot directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Turn tells the story of The Culper Ring, America's first spy network. It stars Jamie Bell (Tintin), Kevin McNally (The Contract), Burn Gorman (Torchwood), Seth Numrich, Heather Lind, Meegan Warner, Angus MacFadyen, J.J. Field, and Samuel Roukin. It airs this Spring.

Dec 20, 2013

Archer Season 5 Poster, and Another Teaser

After a series of highly entertaining "ISIS training film" viral videos, FX has released a more substantial teaser for the upcoming fifth season of Archer. Instead of revealing a lot of new footage, however, it's mostly comprised of stuff we've already seen, but rehashed in a typically hilarious manner. The season poster, which has been online for a few weeks, takes its queue from Miami Vice this time around instead of James Bond or Burt Reynolds. Archer returns Monday, January 13.

Dec 18, 2013

Trailer For 3 Days to Kill

Here's the first trailer for 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner's bid for a Liam Neeson-like late career revival as an action hero in a Luc Besson-produced neo-Eurospy movie. This is another riff on Besson's successful Taken formula about an ex-CIA agent with a teenage daughter, but this time the agent (Costner) has been pulled back into his dirty business, and he's trying to keep it a secret from his daughter in order to foster a normal relationship with her. Adding another twist, the way the Agency lures him back in to kill for them again is by giving him an experimental drug that might cure his life-threatening condition - at the expense of hallucinogenic side effects. Besson co-wrote the script with his From Paris With Love collaborator Adi Hasak. Charlie's Angels director McG seems like the perfect orchestrator for Besson's brand of over-the-top spyjinks. I was let down by Besson's last effort, The Family, but I think this trailer looks very promising! And Costner looks a hell of a lot more invested in the role than Bruce Willis does nowadays in this sort of thing.

Dec 14, 2013

Two Teasers for the New Season of The Americans

Last year's best new spy drama, The Americans, doesn't return to FX until February, which still seems forever away! But the network has released two conceptual teaser spots (via Vulture) to whet our appetite. (Neither one seems to contain any actual footage from the upcoming second season.) Until February, though, we'll have to rely on ABC's Americans-inspired true story miniseries The Assets to slake our thirst for 1980s Cold War espionage and wigs.

Dec 13, 2013

BBC Plots Cold War Spy Dramas Set in the Seventies

It's not just American television that's getting swept up in the Cold War these days. (See yesterday's news.) The success of FX's 1980s period spy drama The Americans on TV and Tomas Alfredson's 2011 feature version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in theaters have also spurred the BBC to revisit the era of its greatest ever spy series, the original miniseries version of Tinker, TailorDeadline first reported last July that BBC Two ordered a one-off spy drama entitled Legacy from the team behind the 2009 Nelson Mandela telefilm Endgame. Written by Paula Milne (who also scripted the upcoming Sean Penn neo-Eurospy contender The Gunman) and directed by Pete Travis, Legacy is based on a 2001 novel by Alan Judd. Charlie Cox (Stardust) stars as fledgling MI6 agent Charles Thoroughgood, who is ordered to reconnect with Viktor, a Russian diplomat he knew at university (played by Sherlock's Moriarty Andrew Scott) in order to turn him. Both the mission and Viktor prove to be more than they appear, and soon, according to the BBC Two blurb, Charles "is catapulted into a dangerous personal odyssey to uncover the truth but finds himself drawn into a lethal KGB plot to mount an attack within the UK." Meanwhile, he's conducting an affair with the wife of a fellow agent (The Hour's Romola Garai) as his own family history comes back to haunt him. Christian McKay (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Simon Russell Beale (BBC Radio's Smiley) co-star. Legacy aired in the UK last month as part of their Cold War season, and there is no news yet about a U.S. airdate. Endgame was broadcast stateside on PBS' Masterpiece, so I hope they run Legacy as well. Here's the trailer:

But that's not the only period spy drama cooking at the BBC. Late last year, BBC Cymru Wales announced The Game, a six episode Cold War spy drama from Being Human creator Toby Whithouse (who also penned one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, "School Reunion"), and this summer casting was firmed up. Filming is underway and the series is scheduled to air in 2014 on BBC One. Tom Hughes (Page Eight), Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy, RED), Paul Ritter (Quantum of Solace), Shaun Dooley (The Woman in Black), Chloe Pirrie (Black Mirror), Victoria Hamilton (What Remains), Jonathan Aris (James Bond videogames) and Judy Parfitt (The Avengers) star. According to the BBC, "when a defecting KGB officer reveals the existence of a devastating Soviet plot, codenamed Operation Glass, the charismatic but paranoid head of MI5, known simply as Daddy (Cox), assembles a secret committee to investigate." In the tradition of such shows, each team member has a unique specialty. Every week the team uncovers a new traitor, another piece of the puzzle that is Operation Glass. I like it! More than just a period version of Spooks, it sounds like something in the vein of Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, or possibly even Mission: Impossible. Once again there's no information yet on a U.S. airdate, but I'd be surprised if BBC America doesn't pick this one up.