Aug 10, 2007

MST3K's Secret Agent Super Dragon On DVD

This fall, the Eurospy favorite Secret Agent Super Dragon, starring Ray Danton, will finally see official release on DVD... albeit in a bastardized (but hilarious) form. The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version (which I reviewed here some time ago) of the film will be included in Rhino's latest collection of that series, The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Collection, Volume 12. The official website for the show reports that the set will be come out on October 2. Extras include "original theatrical trailers," so hopefully there will be one for Super Dragon. That should be entertaining to see. It's too bad that the DVD won't include the original, un-MST3Ked version of this rare film (which isn't really all that bad, as MST3K fare goes), like some of the very early discs of the show did. Oh well. I believe that Rhino has to clear the rights to each of the movies in these collections, which means that they could now release the movie on its own if they wanted. I doubt they'll figure the market's there, though, unfortunately.

The Mystery Science 3000 Collection, Vol. 12 will also include The Rebel Set, The Starfighters and Parts: The Clonus Horror, as well as some nifty extras (like some of the "Jack Perkins" wrap-arounds from The Mystery Science Theatre Hour!).


Bruce said...

Three of my favorites finally make it to DVD. My pals and I used to run around imitating the actions from Super Dragon. All the freaking time.

Also everyone can see the movie The Island ripped off with Colonus included.

cinebeats said...

I really wish these films would get released without the MST3K commentary. I was never a big fan of the show. My friends and I could make up better jokes to go with the films they showed once we had a few drinks.