Aug 30, 2007

See NBC's Fall Spy Shows Early On DVD! reports that NBC has teamed up with Blockbuster to offer an exclusive DVD of the pilot episodes of four of their upcoming fall series. Among those are two highly-anticipated spy hybrids: spy/comedy Chuck (which is pretty good... I'll post a full review soon) and spy/sci-fi Bionic Woman. The disc is available to rent from Blockbuster stores and Blockbuster's online rental service from September 4 through October 24.

NBC is doing their best to make sure everyone has the opportunity to check out their new pilots at their convenience. These shows will also be available to view on demand in most cable markets.


Bruce said...

or you could have downloaded them both a month ago. Along with a ton of other new shows.

Tanner said...

Really? Legally? Or... the other way? I didn't see them on Either way, you can also check them out the old fashioned way and watch the pilots when they finally air on NBC on September 24 and Sept. 26.

Bruce said...

The other way Tanner and they were perfect copies.

My money is on most of the music in the bionic Woman will be replaced. Just like the Deaf sister was supposedly