Aug 21, 2007

Region 2 Spy DVD News

UK DVD distributor extraordinaire Network have at long last updated their website - and given it a complete overhaul! They provide an update on their upcoming 40th Anniversary edition of The Prisoner, with news on two of the (presumably many) extras to be found on the set. One sure to excite Village devotees is the inclusion of "a restored version of the 'alternative' version of 'Arrival.'" Network claim this different cut of the pilot episode is "painstakingly completed in high definition and sourced from recently located 35mm materials [and] offers additional scenes, music score and titles." On top of that, they reveal that the first 5000 copies will be in a limited edition packaging, and that all copies will come with a "specially-commissioned book on the making of the series" by The Avengers Files author Andrew Pixley! If this is anywhere near as good as his book that came with the Adam Adamant Lives! DVD, it will be something worth looking forward to.

Furthermore, the company clarifies the mystery surrounding their announced DVD of Philby, Burgess and Maclean (starring Derek Jacobi) that failed to materialize this summer. Turns out it is available now - as a web exclusive. The disc can be ordered directly through Network's website. Unfortunately, there is still no update on the exciting spy TV soundtracks Network teased late last year.

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