Oct 30, 2008

Bond Blu-Ray Contest Winners

Today marks the Double O Section's Second Blogiversary. It's hard to believe it's been two whole years now since my first post. To celebrate, let's give away some Blu-Rays! Here are the winners of last week's contest:

From Russia With Love - Stuart Paul of California

Thunderball - David Foster of Victoria, Australia

For Your Eyes Only - Christopher Mills of Maine

Dr. No - Chris Wright of Ohio

Live And Let Die - Phil Hansen of California

Die Another Day - Matthew Weston of Alberta, Canada

If you read your name on that list, expect a Blu-Ray disc heading your way in the mail any day now. If you didn't, take heart: the Blogiversary Celebration continues, and there will be another exciting James Bond contest posted later today! Be sure to check back...


matt said...

Wow, this is very cool! You've definitely secured my readership for another two years - at least! Thank you so much!

Chris Wright said...

I just received 'Dr. No' in the mail. Thanks a lot! This site rocks!