Oct 15, 2008

Spy Stars Do Horror

Hot on the heels of Code Red's release of Avengers and New Avengers star Patrick Macnee's 80s horror movie Sweet Sixteen comes another one of Macnee's forays into the macabre, Dead of Night. In this 1977 TV movie follow-up to Trilogy of Terror, Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis directs three eerie yarns adapted by Richard Matheson. The middle one, "There's No Such Thing As A Vampire," stars Macnee in a Victorian tale of household vampirism. DVD Sleuth has all the details on the upcoming Dark Sky release, due out on January. Another Seventies TV spy, Ian Ogilvy (the second TV Saint), also made plenty of top-notch horror movies, and the same site reports that one of those, Michael Reeves' The She-Beast (also starring the great Barbara Steele), will come to DVD early next year, also from Dark Sky.

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