Oct 31, 2008

Bond Girls Make Bad Fashion Blog

Uh-oh. The London Quantum of Solace premiere proved to be one of those weird British fashion occasions, where female stars show up in odd get-ups sure to get them coverage in tabloids and bad fashion blogs. And a blog I'm told is pre-eminent among such blogs, Go Fug Yourself, has taken umbrage at the outfits of both Bond babes Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton. They describe Arterton's attire as "a dress that resembles nothing so much as the product of an unholy union between Bai Ling's creative team and Torvill and Dean's legendary 1984 'Bolero' ice-dance routine." Ouch! Head on over there to read more snarkiness, see the pictures and vote on which Bond Girl's dress is less awful. Or just to admire two women so lovely that their beauty defies fashion anyway.

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