Oct 31, 2008

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Complete Six Levels Of Side-Scrolling Mayhem!

Ad for a 1990 Mission: Impossible Nintendo game based on the '88-'90 revival series. The copy makes it sound as if it had more to do with Duke Nukem-type side-scrollers than any familiar incarnation of the famous TV show. Apparently players contended with villains like Slash Stiletto, Blitz Blizzardski, the Iron Claw and the Sinister Seven with rifles, firebombs and remote control cluster bombs. "Remember," the ad warns, "should you choose to accept this mission and fail, you, your Nintendo, and the world will self-destruct in five seconds."


Delmo said...

Is this the first time you ever saw that ad because its placement in your blog seems incongruous.

Tanner said...

Nah, I just happened to have a comic book with the ad in it with me at work (an issue of Marvel's Conan the Barbarian with a Mike Mignola cover), so I thought, "that's a cool spy thing; why not scan it?" The blog's a place for any cool spy stuff I come across and have time to put up!