Jan 20, 2010

Another Great Spy Sale

Network isn't the only purveyor of UK spy shows having a sale.  DeepDiscount is having their own sale that should be of interest to American fans of British spy and mystery television: 50% off all Acorn Media titles, now through January 29.  Ever since A&E wound down their offerings of classic ITC series, Acorn has become the closest thing to an American equivilant of Network.  This sale includes spy essentials from their catalog like Callan: Set 1 (review here), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Smiley's People, A Perfect Spy, the Canadian spy drama Intelligence (Season 1 and Season 2) and even pre-orders on the forthcoming (and equally amazing) Callan: Set 2!  Also on sale are mysteries with serious spy angles, like Anthony Horowitz's excellent, excellent Foyle's War (a great deal on the complete series), the latest Poirot set, which includes Agatha Christie's tale of British agents "Cat Among the Pigeons" (review here) and The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes: Set 1 , which contains the terrific proto-Deighton Victorian spy yarn "The Dixon Torpedo" (full review here).  The only detractor from Acorn's DVDs is their sometimes prohibitively high price point, but at 50% off, they suddenly become very affordable.  Spy fans, mystery fans and fans of British television in general can't afford not to poke around this sale.  (And if you only get one thing, by all means make it Callan.  All spy afficionados need Callan!)

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Anonymous said...

i was so glad when Acorn announced they would be releasing Callan. :D

wonder if the b/w episodes will get a Region 1 release.