Jan 27, 2010

Ian McKellen To Play Auric Goldfinger!

...on the radio.  Remember that news item last October when we first heard that EON Productions had sanctioned a follow-up to the "Dr. No" radio adaptation that aired on the BBC in celebration of Ian Fleming's Centenary?  Well, now there's a press release from Ian Fleming Publications revealing the spy star-studded cast of the new radioplay!  (Thanks to CBn for spreading the news on this.)  The great Ian McKellen (most recently seen as Number Two on AMC's remake of The Prisoner) will star in the title role, while Die Another Day alumni Toby Stephens and Rosamund Pike will reunite as James Bond and Pussy Galore, respectively.  (Stephens is reprising the 007 role from the "Dr. No" radioplay.)  Tim Piggot-Smith (Quantum of Solace, Spooks, Johnny English) plays Mr. Solo, and we'll get to hear former Saint Ian Ogilvy deliver the lecture on gold as Col. Smithers.  Lloyd Owen, who essayed Sean Connery's role of Professor Henry Jones, Sr. on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, will play Felix Leiter, and Tom Hollander and Hector Elizondo round out the cast.  Quite a line-up!  The radioplay (a dramatisation of Ian Fleming's novel, not the film) is from producers Jarvis & Ayres, the same people behind "Dr. No."

I'm really excited to hear McKellen as a Bond villain.  Surely they'll keep the famous film line, "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!" even though it's not from the novel?  I can hear his delivery already!  I really wish the filmmakers would cast McKellen or someone of his ilk as a villain.  I miss the day of older, distinguished villains who could really relish their villainy.  I know that in the Brosnan era it was decided that younger villains, more equal physical matches for 007, were better, but I don't wholly agree.


Delmo said...

I wonder how hard would it be to get Roger or Pierce to play Bond on one of these radio adaptations?

Tanner said...

That's a great idea! I wonder if they've tried? I also wonder if EON would allow it, since they have to sign off on these things. They might see a former Bond as diluting their current brand at the box office. But maybe not. In Brosnan's case, I'm not sure if he'd be too eager to accept, either. There might still be some sour grapes. Actually, I bet Dalton would be the best bet for actually doing it, and he fits in with the sort of actors they tend to go after for these shows. Any of them would sure be cool!