Jan 20, 2010

Roger Moore's Gold Of The Seven Saints On Sale On Warner Archive Site

I hadn't even realized that one of Roger Moore's rarely seen, pre-Bond, pre-Saint movies (from his early days in Hollywood as a Warner contract player), Gold of the Seven Saints, had been released through the Warner Archive Collection last fall until regular reader and commenter Delmo alerted me to the fact.  So I haven't actually bought it yet, but now's a great opportunity, because it's on sale (along with all of the Warner Archives Westerns) for 35% off through the Warner Archive website.  That makes it a very affordable $12.96 as opposed to the regular, overpriced $19.95.  (I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: if Warner just lowered that standard price point on their Archives to $14.95, I would by so many more titles--and I'm sure I'm not alone.)  For those of you who have caught this on TCM, it's the one where Roger sports an Irish accent--and sings.  (No, Sean Connery wasn't the only actor to warble a little Celtic ditty onscreen before becoming Bond!)  And, as Moore points out in his excellent, fantastic, must-read autobiography, the title turned out to be very portentous for him.  Gold, the number seven, and Saints would all prove recurring themes in his future film and television roles.  Gold of the Seven Saints is also available through Amazon, and presumably will be eventually through DeepDiscount as well, as other Archive titles have become.  For now, though, this sale's the best deal going!

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Delmo said...

What surprised me about it was that it was a b/w film. I had assumed it was color die to the beautiful color photos from the film in the Paul Donovan Roger biography. It's a shame it isn't in color since the location where much of the film takes place is beautiful.