Jan 22, 2010

More Spy Sales

I guess January is the season for sales on spy DVDs.  Or the season to break spy fans' banks!  Hot on the heels of Network's big sale and concurrent with Deep Discount's sale on Acorn titles comes a matching Deep Discount sale on A&E titles and another Network sale that will be much more appealing to American buyers.

Between Acorn and A&E, Deep Discount is now covering just about all the major Region 1 British spy TV releases.  A&E doesn't do a lot in that field anymore, but they do handle one of the biggest: The Prisoner.  And in this sale (up to 60% off), you can get The Prisoner: The Complete Series on DVD for just $27.98... on Blu-ray for just $39.98. And this Blu-ray is awesome.  If you've got the equipment for it and you haven't picked this up yet, now's the time.  It's got every single feature from the Network Region 2 DVD release, and the high-def transfer looks amazing.  It normally retails for a hundred bucks, so this is a steal.  I've got to mention some non-spy titles in this sale, too, just because they're among my favorites.  A&E recently issued the surviving episodes of Peter Cushing's 1968 Sherlock Holmes TV series for the first time ever on Region 1 DVD, and it's outstanding.  And it's just $13.48 in this sale.  And with even less spy relevance, one of the funniest British series ever, Jeeves & Wooster: The Complete Series, is just $23.98 (for eight discs!).  Back when I was buying these, you couldn't even get a single season that cheaply!  (Now you can get those for $7.98.)  The P.G. Wodehouse adaptation stars Dr. House himself (and Gunseller author, if you want a spy connection) Hugh Laurie and the great Stephen Fry (Stormbreaker).  And it's great, if I didn't make that clear.  Plus, if you were so inclined, between the Acorn sale and the A&E sale you could assemble the complete Poirot collection for an unusually affordable price right now at Deep Discount. But enough divergences; let's get back to spies, shall we? 

We've got spies galore from Network.  Yes, the very people who created those great special features on the aforementioned A&E Prisoner Blu-ray.  The order minimums (and resulting shipping costs) on their most recent sale pretty much excluded American buyers.  But now they've got a more limited sale with no minimums!  And though it might be limited, it's pretty much limited to the things Double O Section readers probably want anyway.  (Honestly, it's a little bit annoying if you did buy stuff in the last sale. But a godsend if you didn't.)  It's a 50% off sale on Network's web exclusives, which includes the recent releases Whiplash: The Complete Series (with Peter Graves, review here) and Zodiac: The Complete Series (from Avengers writer Roger Marshall, full review here), ITC's prototypical Sixties adventure show, Man of the World, and all of the company's fantabulous ITC* soundtrack sets!  I know I just itemized them last week, but for those with short memories, they include The Prisoner (and this three disc set is almost entirely different music from the tracks available on Silva Screen's three individual CDs), Department S, Man In A Suitcase , The Champions, The ProtectorsJason King and two volumes of Danger Man. These are all exhaustive, multi-disc sets containing nearly all the surviving tracks for these series.  And they're as cheap as you're ever likely to find them in this sale!  The sale ends January 28; no coupon is necessary.

*In case you're thinking my vocabulary got weird, that's actually a sort of obscure (and, admittedly, dumb) spy reference I couldn't resist.  I know some of you got it.

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Delmo said...

Strange that DeepDiscount isn't offering "The Protectors" as part of this A&E sale. They're offering it at a ridiculous $49.