Apr 24, 2008

Deborah Lipp Reviews The Bond Code

Deborah Lipp is a good writer. That's what makes her Ultimate James Bond Fan Book stand out from the glut of similar product on the market. And that's what makes her blog fun to read. But today's post, a review of a recent, self-published book about supposed occult elements in Ian Fleming's Bond novels, is particularly interesting because she is so uniquely suited to write such a review (apparently moreso than the author is to write such a book!). Lipp has expertise (and blogs) in both those fields: Bond and the occult. So it's fascinating to see her pick apart all the inaccuracies and false connections in Philip Gardiner's The Bond Code. I suspect reading this review is more informative (and entertaining) than reading the book itself would be. By the way, don't skip to the conclusion, as Lipp modestly suggests; the meat of the article is in the middle!

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