Apr 20, 2008

Ultimate Nick Fury Action Figure On The Way

For those who prefer their Nick Fury looking like Samuel L. Jackson, Hasbro has an action figure of the Ultimate Universe version of the character coming this August as part of a Marvel Legends 2-Pack along with WWII Captain America. Sadly (and completely irregardless of which Fury I prefer), the figure itself looks nowhere near as good as the awesome Classic Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure ToyBiz put out several years ago. I'd chalk that up to the line changing companies; none of the Hasbro figures have been up to the standards set by ToyBiz. The new Hasbro figure doesn't even seem to properly capture the Jackson likeness from the comics--though I suppose that could be due to licensing issues with the actor!

In related Nick Fury news, the latest rumors seem to indicate that Jackson's cameo as the one-eyed superspy has been cut out of the final theatrical print of this summer's Iron Man blockbuster.

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