Apr 8, 2008

Felix Leiter Blog

Be sure to check out this new blog dedicated to "James Bond's brother from Langley." In the books, Felix Leiter is a great foil for 007, and they share a camaraderie rarely conveyed on screen. My own favorite screen Felix was Jack Lord, although Rick Van Nutter was pretty good too (and closer to Fleming's description of the CIA man), and David Hedison certainly earned his return appearance. My least favorite incarnation was Goldfinger's Cec Linder. I sincerely hope that Jeffrey Wright's Felix will have a chance to develop a strong friendship with Daniel Craig's Bond, although FelixLeiter.com's report on Quantum of Solace indicates probably not, as the character's role has apparently been cut down in the movie.

Also not to miss on FelixLeiter.com: this delightfully hideous Jack Lord tiki mug! Quite a find!

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

That's really cool. Jack Lord was my favorite Felix. I did like Jeffrey Wright in Casino Royale. I would have hoped he would be in Quantum of Solace more. Oh well.