Apr 22, 2008

Long Lost, Unused Never Say Never Again Theme Song

Tim Lucas at Video WatchBlog has unearthed a long-lost theme song composed for Never Say Never Again, but ultimately discarded in favor of the Lani Hall/Michel Legrand song we all know and... know. The unused song was composed by Stephen Forsyth and Jim Ryan and performed by Phyllis Hyman. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about the composition as Tim is, but it's certainly a fascinating discovery. I always love hearing Bond songs that might have been, whether it's the rejected "You Only Live Twice" on The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary CD (the first CD I ever owned) or Pulp's stab at "Tomorrow Never Dies."

Head on over to Video WatchBlog to hear Hyman's version of "Never Say Never Again."

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