Apr 9, 2008

Hemispheres Contest Winners

Sorry again for my delay in posting the winners on this one. Congratulations to the following (00)7 Bond fans, each of whom have the Bond-filled April issue of United Airlines' Hemsipheres Magazine winging its way towards them in the mail right now. And if you didn't win, take heart: you can still get the magazine for $7.50 without flying anywhere; you just have to call 877-569-4946. And you might win the next Double O Section contest! Stay tuned.

John Quiring of AL, USA
Dennis McPeek of OH, USA
Gareth-Michael Skarka of KS, USA
Steve Lefebvre of CA, USA
Kevin J. Morrell of MD, USA
Mark Henderson of TN, USA
Brad Kupiak of Manitoba, Canada

Put your seatbacks in their upright positions and enjoy the read!

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