Apr 9, 2008

New Eurospy DVD On The Way

Johan at the Eurospy Forum noticed a new Eurospy release slated from Wild East on their website: The Cobra (1967). It's part of a Peter Martell double-feature disc along with the Spaghetti Western Ringo the Lone Rider. They promise the theatrical cut in its original aspect ratio of 2.35:1 with English language audio. The Cobra co-stars Dana Andrews and Anita Ekberg.

Late last year, Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright held a film festival of movies he likes in Los Angeles, and played appropriately-themed trailers with them. On his "'80s Action Night," he mistakenly played the trailer for the '67 Cobra instead of the similarly-named '80s Stallone movie. While it was a little disappointing not to see the truly stupefying Stallone trailer (which would have fit in perfectly preceding The Last Boyscout), I was enthralled by the trailer for the Peter Martell film. Truth be told, it looked more detective than spy, but exhibited all the Sixties stylistic hallmarks I look for in a good Eurospy flick. Therefore, I'm really looking forward to seeing this one!

The question is, what ever happened to Wild East's planned release of a Spy Double Feature: Red Dragon and Five Golden Dragons, which was announced late last year, then disappeared from their website entirely?

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