Oct 5, 2015

Writing's On the Wall Music Video

The music video for Sam Smith's SPECTRE song "Writing's On the Wall" was released today, and contains some new footage from the upcoming James Bond movie not seen in trailers. (There are also much longer shots from the film than we ever get in the quick-cut trailers.) Unlike Adele's "Skyfall" video, there doesn't appear to be any material here from Daniel Kleinman's title sequence.


JN said...

History will be exceptionally unkind to is song. I'd rather listen to Lulu.

Baskingshark said...

I would rather listen to a Lulu-Rita Coolidge duet, with Sheryl Crow and Alicia Keys on backup, produced by Jack White. This screeching dirge is an insult both to the ears and to the legendary music the Bond series has given us over the past 50+ years.

The sound you could hear if Sam Smith would shut up for a second is John Barry rotating in his grave.

Jason Whiton said...

agreed. i'm usually pretty open, but this just doesn't sound like Bond to me. i did like the vulnerability in the Skyfall song, but this seems way out of place.