Oct 27, 2011

Your Mission... Watch the New Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Trailer

It's here! My initial reaction is that it looks good. I'm still more excited for this movie than I have been for any other Mission: Impossible movie. If I have one main gripe about this trailer, it's simply that it contains too many moments we've already seen in M:I movies (like Jeremy Renner doing the familiar Topkapi dangle from Brian DePalma's inaugural entry, below). I guess it will be sort of like GoldenEye, a "best of" referencing what's come before. That's okay as long as Brad Bird makes it work in its own right, which I have faith he will...

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Bob said...

This trailer is certainly now promoting the "group or team" effort in this film.

For the Imax release, they are attaching about an eight minute preview of the new Batman film.