Oct 2, 2013

Jack Ryan Reboot Poster

Where there is death, there is rebirth. Following today's sad news of author Tom Clancy's passing, Paramount has unveiled the first poster for the new movie that aims to reboot Clancy's signature character, CIA analyst Jack Ryan. As Deadline first reported, the new film is entitled Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. That doesn't sound remotely like a Clancy title to me, which is too bad. The film is not based on any existing Clancy novel, but is said to find its inspiration in the clues the author provided about Ryan's past in The Hunt for Red October and other books. (Except I'm pretty sure the CIA analyst described in that novel hadn't already been in a situation that required him to carry a firearm in Moscow...)
I'm honestly quite excited for this movie, which is directed by Kenneth Branagh and co-stars Branagh, Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley (what, she doesn't rate a poster mention?), but I have to say I don't like this poster one bit. I suppose the point is to evoke the equally unimpressive campaign for Pine's other big Paramount hit this year, Star Trek Into Darkness? Whatever, it's only a poster. We should get a better sense of what the movie itself will be like when Paramount unleashes the first trailer tomorrow at 7:30 Eastern/4:30 Pacific on Yahoo! I hope the film does well by Tom Clancy's legacy.


teeritz said...

I hope this film turns out to be better than the Affleck effort from some years ago. Don't get me wrong, Ben Affleck was good as a younger Jack Ryan, but the story didn't resonate with me and wasn't very memorable. Maybe I need to watch it again?

Tanner said...

I really hated The Sum of All Fears. It wasn't Affleck's fault, as you say, and I actually liked Liev Schrieber, but I loathed the movie at the time. Granted, I haven't seen it since opening night in the theater. Perhaps I should give it another chance as well, but I'm not particularly keen to. I don't think either of us is going to convince the other to try it again! My hopes lie entirely with the Chris Pine version now.

teeritz said...

Liev Schrieber was in it!!?? Man, I think I'll have to watch it again. I don't remember him in it at all.
It screened on television here about a month ago. I should have watched it. Instead, I'll have to rent it...maybe.

Brigonos said...

Are we sure this poster is for a movie and not a videogame? The name even sounds like a videogame title.